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Case Study: Website Audit


Website audit

BullsEye Telecom

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BullsEye Telecom is a leading managed telecom services provider in Michigan that uses WayPoint’s services to improve its marketing and media relations efforts. In 2018, WayPoint performed an audit of the BullsEye website to help inform comprehensive recommendations relating to SEO, SEM, content usability and functionality, and to identify areas for improvement on the website that would allow for optimized site performance and user experience.

In order to accomplish the goals for this project, WayPoint invested in a premium SEO and audit tool that provides comprehensive reports and actionable recommendations to help improve the overall functionality of a particular website.

Once these findings were analyzed and presented to BullsEye, WayPoint also played an integral role in implementing the proposed improvements, working in tandem with various internal teams within BullsEye. In this way, WayPoint was able to ensure that the work delivered to BullsEye was not just abstract in scope.

After correcting the various site issues that were outlined during the audit, BullsEye’s overall website score improved to 64 percent (from 49 percent), suggesting that the site is now performing above average in terms of its overall functionality.  Additionally, the number of important fixes that were identified during the audit decreased by 73 percent and the number of semi-important fixes decreased by 38 percent after WayPoint made the recommended improvements to the site. The remaining issues that WayPoint was not able to implement on BullsEye’s website were more developmental in nature, and ultimately required handling by the architects of the website.


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