Why WayPoint

Who We Are

WayPoint Marketing Communications, a Detroit-based agency, helps small- to medium-sized businesses increase their opportunities to sell products and services. We take a strategic approach in understanding your business’ key challenges and work as your partner to determine the best course of action to achieve your goals.

WayPoint is your trusted advisor providing the knowledge, experience and skill sets needed to establish and implement a marketing communications strategy that drives results. Regardless of your budget, WayPoint can help you navigate toward meeting your sales and marketing goals. Whether your focus is increased visibility, improved awareness or developing new business leads, we are passionate about partnering with companies to deliver impactful results.

You may ask, what does “waypoint” mean? A waypoint is a reference point in physical space used for the purposes of navigation. Years ago, sailors would navigate with stars and nautical maps by plotting waypoints, which ultimately led them to their end destinations. Those sailors are not unlike modern day businesses that need to establish milestones, strategies and action steps to navigate market forces and take advantage of opportunities to achieve success (the end destination).

WayPoint Marketing Communications is a modern day marketing GPS. We help companies chart a course that drives results and meets established business goals.

Our Approach

Whether it’s a project or an ongoing campaign, WayPoint Marketing Communications has the same four-step approach when partnering with clients.


Gather key insights about your company – products, services, competitors, industry and, most importantly, your challenges.


Create a strategy and chart the course toward achieving your goals.


Set the strategy in motion.


Check in to see if what we are doing is moving the needle. If it is, keep moving forward; if not, go back to build and make adjustments.

This proven process helps us establish expectations and create strategies that generate desired results.


Ready to attract new business, grow current customers and appeal to potential employees or investors? Let WayPoint help you navigate the way to successful, effective marketing communications.